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The money back guarantee is a policy about refunds at Customers can qualify for 100 % refunds in different scenarios.

If a customer is dissatisfied with the completed order and they want to get a refund, they can contact us with their request. This request will be forwarded to the quality assurance department at where the grounds of the refund request will be investigated and the kind of refund to be effected determined. This only applies when the product was never downloaded or used by the customer in any way.

Customers can qualify for other refunds that are not 100%. For example if a customer has a genuine reason for asking for a revision but is unable to avail a writer to do the revision, the customer will qualify for some refund.

In the unlikely event that our expert writer fails to deliver a paper on time, then the customer can ask for a refund. This refund will be calculated from the number of days that the paper was late. The customer shall not receive a 100% refund.

Before setting a paper on dispute customers must: